I’ve just arrived home from a dyno run at Unigroup. The good news is the fuel gauge started working again after filling up some petrol on the way. I guess the float arm assembly was stuck and the new fuel dislodged it.

The bad news was that the dyno run was a waste of $100. I drove in with a measured high boost power of 206.5 rwkw, and left with 194.9 rwkw. Mark decided it wasn’t running right in the highest rpm range and told me it might make more power with less boost. He turned it down using the electronic boost controller, which killed the power, especially in the mid range. He upped it a bit to reach the ~195 previously mentioned, 11 rwkw down at peak and approximately 20 rwkw down in the mid range. He told me I had received more than $100 worth but he wasn’t going to charge me…

The first thing I did was turn the boost back up as soon as I left. I’ll back off the ignition timing a little at high rpm in the near future to put back in a little bit of safety margin.

The power curve looks like a typical engine with a smallish turbo and standard cams. I have no idea why Mark thought there was anything wrong, it was just running out of airflow up top. The driveability is so much better with a huge surge of power in the mid range so that’s the way it will be staying. The curve of the red line resembles the curve from the tuning at MRC so I don’t think anything is untoward.