Recently I attempted to buy a carbon fibre rear hatch from Facebook marketplace, which proved to be a very frustrating experience. It seems some people don’t really want to sell things they list online.

After a few weeks chasing this seller, we finally agreed on a price and pickup location.  After a considerable drive, I sat in a nearby car park waiting for the communication that he was ready. He eventually told me that he couldn’t pick it up from his parents’ place because they were out visiting family. When I asked how long they would be, he waited another hour to tell me they were out for the day.

Fortunately, I had already left for home by then. I replied that if he wanted to sell it, he could drive it to me. Several hours later he finally replied that he just got home and it was “a bit late for all that running around”.

The idea was to replace the dodgy rear hatch with the carbon one to avoid paying to get it painted. Saving some weight would be a nice bonus. I guess I’ll be waiting a while longer.