Long time, no post. Work has been crazy busy as always, and we are now parents. The Sileighty has slipped down the priorities list but has not been forgotten.

I had been taking it to work a once a fortnight or so. Recently on one such occasion, I went to leave and found the engine off instead of warmed up, and the car unable to start. I noticed I couldn’t hear the fuel pump priming, assumed I had a failed pump and order a new Walbro 450 l/h unit from EFI Solutions (TAARKS). I pulled everything apart and fitted it but the new pump would still not prime.

Days of head scratching followed as I tried to test all of the wiring through the car using the diagnostics from the service manual. All relays and fuses were ok. Finally, after connecting a direct 12V and ground to the fuel pump harness, the pump still wouldn’t activate. Therefore, there was a break in the wiring between the final harness and the connector.


I ended up drilling out the little sealed plug in the cap of the tank, running some new wiring through before sealing the new wire with epoxy and silicone. This got the engine fired up immediately. Unfortunately, the wiring for the fuel level has been damaged in the process and will  need attention at a later date.