I’ve driven the car the last two days and i’m happy to report there are no leaks. I didn’t end up installing the half cage yesterday, instead I cleaned the inside of the car thoroughly. The S15 seats were blocking the garage and therefore the car had been sitting outside in the heavy rain for the last month. The result was a healthy amount of mould forming on much of the interior. The insides of the windows were also still filthy from the last drift meet. I tend to drift with the windows open and the residue left behind from the splashing water is filthy.

Everything is packed ready for drag racing tonight. The temperature is cool which is ideal for horsepower. There is some spitting rain around but the weather report seems pretty good for tonight. Fingers crossed it stays dry and I can launch the car and shift gears smoothly.

Last time out was a 12.8 @ 114 mph. The misfire is fixed and the boost is slightly increased. Top end power is noticeably better. Furthermore, I have a cordless air compressor with me so I can confidently lower the rear tyre pressure for racing before restoring it before the drive home. I also have the wider rear tyres on that came with the white wheels. More power and more grip should mean noticeably improved performance. My aim is for a 12.5 ET, which is very doable if I can launch the car properly. The trap speed should improve a few mph as well, regardless of my (in)ability to get off the line cleanly.