Another new page has been added, in the form of information on S14/15 VTC black top motor into an S13 chassis. This isn’t a definitive guide, as I haven’t done the swap myself, but rather a collection of tips I have picked up since owning the Sileighty. It looks at the differences in the various generation motors, pros and cons of each, and details how the VTC system functions and how to diagnose it if it’s not working. The page is a culmination of many late nights and hours searching online. I hope it is useful to someone in the future to save them the same troubles.

Today I ordered the first parts for a long term project. I intend to make an Arduino driven colour LCD that sits in the double DIN stereo slot and displays a range of engine parameters. When I started this site over a decade ago, my electronics knowledge was limited. I now have a great understanding of microcontrollers and regularly complete complex projects. I have a 3D printer, laser cutter and CNC router, which means I can make my own parts to a high standard. Importantly, I can design and make my own PCBs for electronics projects.

The example I have seen which has sparked my interest can be seen here: