Thanks to GCG Turbos for popping the new wastegate in the mail on Monday to arrive today. A fast turn around when ordering on the weekend. I have had to deal with a few different suppliers in the last month, the majority of which have been great. I will add something to the new resources page that gives a simple review of parts suppliers. On this page there are already links to FSM/Service Manuals that have been converted to searchable text. More to come.

The wastegate went on in under an hour, including stuffing around taking pics for this site. A new external wastegate page has been created to cover the install and the underlying theory of wastegates. The bad news is the car doesn’t feel any faster despite the pre-turbo exhaust leak being eliminated. I think the tune of the car is just that bad. The turbo starts to spool early in the rev range and then a flat spot exists for a second or so before the power picks up. Frustrating.

I have almost finished bringing all of the original content from ten years ago over to this site. I even created some new animations to flesh out the suspension guide page. Enjoy!