I spent last week installing a big brake upgrade to the Sileighty. Since I’ve owned the car, it has been clear that the power of the engine far exceeds the stopping power. The job was fairly straightforward, but some parts were harder than others. The front of the car is generally a lot easier to work on than the rear. The S13 Brake Upgrade(s) page has been rewritten to encompass the Z32 brake swap from the grey 180sx a decade ago and this latest swap. The result is an exhaustive page that goes into a lot of detail. The brakes are now so much better.


All of the components have arrived to make the in dash engine monitor as discussed in the last post. Progress will be slow at first as work is really busy, but it will eventually come together and everything will be documented in a new page.

I’m still convinced something is not quite right with the engine. I feel confident in eliminating a pre-turbo exhaust leak and the VTC not working as causes. I now think it might be a boost leak in the intake piping. The lumpy idle, rich running and lag are all consistent with this. In the near future I will construct some sort of testing rig to find out.