The modding has begun! The first thing that I have installed myself is a 50mm steering wheel spacer from GKTech. For some reason when trying to lift my right leg for heel and toe braking, my knee would hit the underside of the steering wheel and prevent the required range of motion. The steering wheel spacer fixed this problem, but revealed the MOMO wheel has some dodgy bits. I’ll look to replace it at some stage in the future.

I attempted to install a 2nd hand Cusco front strut brace yesterday, but the S15 black top rocker cover sits too high. Some googling to do to see how others have solved this problem.

My 2nd hand differential has arrived, and I spent last night researching and identifying exactly what it is. I’m fairly certain it’s a KAAZ 1.5 way, which is exactly what I want. I plan to fit this tomorrow, as well as fix up the vacuum hose to get the electronic boost controller functional. A new LSD page will be added in time.

Finally, I have been in contact with Unigroup Engineering this week. Their online reputation has gone from strength to strength over the last decade, which is great since I was such a fan of their work with my previous cars. After I do some servicing, I’ll chuck the car on the dyno to see how it’s travelling. I have a graph from 2013 for 215 rwkw, but it doesn’t feel that fast. Top end is good but the midrange is very average. I’m not sure if the S15 VCT is running. If it’s not, the cam timing might be locked in the upper rev range ‘zone’, comprising low end performance. Finding out if the ECU is from an S13 orS15 will help in working out what is going on. Worst case scenario is I can run some sort of rpm sensor and manually trigger 12V to the solenoid at the desired rpm.

More questions than answers so far with this car, but solving them is so enjoyable.