Sunday was a productive day. The KAAZ 1.5 way diff was successfully installed and boy is it aggressive. The smallest hint of throttle locks the rear, which as low revs/speed gives a lot of skipping. Under power it is going to be awesome but for the street it’s a bit too aggressive. I will experiment with adding friction modifier to the diff oil to tone it down a bit.

There will be an aftermarket diff page shortly with pics of the install and an identification guide.

It was strange and exciting working on cars again after so long. Some time was needed before I found some sort of efficiency. Changing the diff is a fairly straightforward job. Pulling it out was smooth, and putting it back in was rapid  due to the purchase of some pivoting head ratchet spanners. The fancy neck allows them to swing out of the way of any conflicting components. In this case, the swaybar and exhaust. Along with a breaker bar and decent set of sockets, this is highly recommended.