After 11 years I’m back in the game. Shortly after the last post in 2005, I had an accident with the 180, due to a silly rush of blood to the head. I was extremely fortunate, escaping injury, attention from the police and financial duress. I managed to sell most of the parts, buy an A31 Cefiro and then later a V8 Soarer. For the next decade I owned non-grey imports for the first time.

At the time of writing, I have just picked up a 1993 Sileighty, my 4th S13. It’s fairly modified and will make a great track car with a few more mods. In 2013, it made 215 rwkw on the Unigroup dyno. My pants dyno tells me it’s not that fast, and certainly not as fast as my previous 180. There are some question marks over exactly what parts are fitted. I’m told it has a Garrett GT28 fitted to an S15 blacktop SR20DET, which has an external wategate, currently running 15 psi. Other engine mods include turbo back exhaust, FMIC, BOV, injectors, POD filter, RB25DET afm, fuel pump and Nistune ECU.

Chassis mods are coilovers, swaybars, what feels like an aftermarket clutch and some rear bracing. The wheels are almost the best feature of the car, 17 inch in diameter and sitting wide in the guards. Other mods are s15 seats, a MOMO wheel, drift hand brake button, and crappy stereo.

There are some glaring holes in the modifications, such as the factory brakes. Not wasting any time, I have a myriad of parts already in the mail. These include R33 front brakes, GKTech larger rear discs, braided brake and clutch lines, front strut brace, what is believed to be a KAAZ 1.5 way diff, oil cooler and filter relocation kit, winged sump and a few little parts.

Initial plans are to fit these parts, give the car a good service and then get it on the dyno to see what power it’s got and the state of the tune. It smells very rich. There is a Turbosmart electronic boost controller installed but without the solenoid connected. So much to tinker with, so little time. Eventually I will be an occasional track car. These days I have a near new vehicle as my daily driver, so I don’t have to worry about being carless after a break down or when work is being completed.

I’ve just finished copying and pasting 85 blog posts from the original site (including finally proof reading!), and in time I will transfer all of the content pages. New content will be created as opportunity presents.