Today I booked in the car for a bit of work that will have it completely ready for tuning. Looking for somewhere local I was put onto S&R Pro in Penrith, who so far seem fantastic. I’ve been quoted $250 to have my new 80mm induction pipe made in aluminium to suit the z32 afm, as well as have the compressor outlet snorkel and joining piping modified to be perfect. They are also going to ultrasonically clean and service my injectors, as well as flow test them for $130 all up. One of the mechanics is ex-CRD (for 10 years) and has worked on cars such as GTR-700 and DEVLSH. Very promising indeed. Hopefully I can have the car tuned later this week at Unigroup.

Today I also picked up a POD filter adaptor from the z32 afm for $40 from Autobarn. I also got back my rear strut brace from the friend who was borrowing it during the rebuild.

Another point of interest is the experiment I had with the HKS gt2510. Not being able to resist playing I turned on the boost controller and fiddled until it was making 11 psi (up from 9 psi). At this point even with the boost leak the car feels almost identical to the t25g setup. When the leak is fixed response should edge out the old setup. And when 18psi is on board with a less restrictive intake, a good fuel system and proper tuning the car will be an absolute weapon. I’m very excited about having it tuned.

So to bring back an updated ‘To Do’ list from a few posts ago:

  • Drill oil inlet fitting – Now done
  • Fit turbo (should be an easy job indeed with the braided lines) – Not as easy as hoped but done
  • Obtain Z32 sized pod adaptor – Purchased Today
  • Have 80mm inlet pipe fabricated – Booked in for Monday 28th June
  • Have injectors cleaned and flow tested – Booked in for Monday 28th June
  • Wire in plugs in parallel for afm and injectors – Will do Monday or Tuesday this week

As we can see everything is falling into place.


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