As described earlier today the car went into S&R Pro in Penrith to have some custom piping made up. I am glad to say that everything went well and I am all smiles. As promised they had the work done by when they said, and after quoting $330-$380, the final bill came up to only $300. The customer service I experienced put most of the places I’ve been to to shame. On my first drive with the fixed piping, an intercooler hose blew off where Ricol had failed to put a bead or similar on a section of piping they added. I limped the car back, took out the pipe and a neat bead was welded on immediately free of charge. All I have to say is wow, they are highly recommended. Tomorrow in the daylight I will update with pics of the work done.

I have also just gotten off the phone to Unigroup, with the car booked in to commence tuning on Friday night. They will be keeping the car until mid next week to make sure everything is done perfectly. They will also be discussing with me in great detail the actual changes needed to get the big injector and z32 afm combo running. It seems Yavuz shares the same wish to educate others about ecu retuning as myself.

Businesses like these set the example for so many others to follow, with their customer service, manners and quality of work. I highly recommend either of them.


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