Today I completed the last of my uni commitments for the semester, in the form of a 76 page research dissertation. After giving a big sigh of relief it was straight to the workshop to have my oil restrictor drilled. Despite the workshop being officially closed, John still allowed me in to finish the restrictor. A big thankyou to him for his kindness.

Home then it was to put on the HKS gt2510, not wasting any time. The time available was short but no dramas saw the swap almost complete. The t25g has been removed, the braided line fittings installed and a few other things are in place. Tomorrow morning all that remains is to do is to bolt the new turbo into place. I have been documenting everything as always, spawning a new page covering the turbo fitment, the preparation of the braided lines, and comparing the t25g to the 2510. Please enjoy the Fitting a Bolt on Turbo Page.

More updates tomorrow after everything is in place.


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