Things are moving slowly but they are moving. The registration costs are now paid off and a few niggling problems have been cured. Firstly a post rebuild inspection of the valve train by myself ended up in a rocker cover gasket leak when everything went back together. This fired a fine mist of oil over the fuel rail and inlet manifold. The danger of an oil fire was a great reason to have this fixed ASAP which I now have. The other problem was a brake pad wear indicator tab bent and squeaking when the pad still has a great deal of meat remaining. Easy fix at least for that one.

I have had the oil feed fitting welded up ready to be drilled smaller. The drilling will be done at my uni workshop this Tuesday when I go in to hand in my last assignment for the semester. After this it’s full steam ahead for tuning. The following still remains to do:

  • Drill oil inlet fitting (next tuesday)
  • Fit turbo (should be an easy job indeed with the braided lines)
  • Obtain Z32 sized pod adaptor (possible swap for old afm with DumHed)
  • Have 80mm inlet pipe fabricated (don’t know who I’ll get to do this)
  • Have injectors cleaned and flow tested (will shop around again)
  • Wire in plugs in parallel for afm and injectors (should be easily done by myself in a spare day)

Then of course tune! The car will be driven to Unigroup with just the turbo in place, and after a base power run the injectors, induction pipe and air flow meter can be bolted on ready to go. It will be exciting indeed, finally concluding the ecu tuning section of the site. I have a huge update planned in this regard.

After that the site will continue to grow and grow until it is the ultimate s13 site. The Jap Turbo page will be finished shortly, and the new pages on DumHed’s Silvia will be online soon I hope. In addition to this he has a new and exciting project that will fascinate many including myself. It will be covered here in great detail.

The site has passed 61,000 hits, which means 11,000 in the last 6 weeks, or 1800 hits a week. This means between 200-300 hits a day. Sites with forums generate a lot more, but this site has no forums, which means people come here to read the content. A site sponsor once again would be welcomed.


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