I took the car to Western Clutch yesterday to shed some light on the situation, and aren’t really any the wiser. The guys (and girls) at Western Clutch were fantastic once again however, spending 10 minutes with me trying to diagnose the problem and giving me the best advice they could. I would have to say Western Clutch along with Unigroup are my absolute favourite and trusted auto related business. With so many dodgy places around I always feel confident in being given the truth and a fair deal with these guys. Another that has impressed me with dealings with a friend was GCG turbos, although i haven’t dealt with them myself. Free plug for all of them.

I will be taking the car back to Western Clutch as soon as I have the money to have a new brass button fitted. This will be nearly the same as what’s in the car now, but it will be new and ready to last for quite a while I hope. Straight after this comes fitment of the HKS GT2510 which is now in my possession. Along with a few little things like wiring up the plugs for the z32 afm and injectors, and getting a fatter induction pipe fabricated to suit the 80mm external diameter meter. Also I need to get two more fittings to suit the slightly different orifices of the HKS turbo. The banjo bolt for the oil feed is slightly too small as is one of the water feed fittings. Shouldn’t be hard to rectify however. It’s all just a matter of time.

Some exciting new developments site wise, with initial talks with a good friend Andrew (aka DumHed) about hosting the build up of his car along with the other pages on the site. Along with goodies such as the 5 stud conversion, the engine side of things is really interesting. Andrew runs a S14 spec VVT SR20DE with custom turbo install. All of the work was done by himself, the car has never seen a workshop. The results of this were 157 rwkw the same night I made 170rwkw, on just 8/9psi. Very impressive and I’m sure it will make interesting reading.

The success of the site keeps snowballing, the acceleration of hits getting stronger. Maybe someone might be interested in banner advertising on the site and even sticker advertising on the car? Judging by the amount of times links to the contents of this site are posted on forums the site seems to have a good influence on the community. The car will  see the track at least once a month after its tuned, so an opportunity if anyone wants it.


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