Another step closer today towards getting the 2510 on the car. I visited Motorsport Connections at Seven Hills to line up the extra fittings I needed for the braided lines. They stock a complete range of speedflow fittings as well as the actual braided lines. Other products include oil coolers, sandwich plates, silicone hose, hose clamps, race harnesses, oil catch cans, and the list goes on. For a bill of $45 I now have all the correct fittings on the turbo side of the lines, and an assortment of fittings on the engine side of the lines. Some fresh alloy washers are waiting to go as well.

The only thing needed now to fit the turbo is some sort of oil restrictor. From what I’ve read recently, ball bearing turbos require much less oil than a conventional plain bearing turbocharger. where as a bush/plain/journal bearing requires a layer of pressurised oil between its internal components to work properly, a ball bearing turbo only requires a small amount of oil to lubricate the bearing. As such a restrictor is required to cut down oil pressure to the bearing. If not used the bearing can be over pressured with oil and have a detrimental effect on the response of the turbo. Needless to say supreme maintenance is required, the restrictor will be only 1 mm and therefore would easily be blocked from negligence.

I’ll be taking one of my new fittings to the uni workshop to have it welded shut and then redrilled smaller. And of course I’ll take pics of the process so the knowledge can be passed on for all.


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