Last night, as planned, the car went on the dyno at Unigroup for a post rebuild power run. The result was 170.1 rwkw, which is kind of disappointing but not too much for several reasons.

Firstly the engine is very fresh with close clearances, very ‘tight’ so to speak. It may take ssome time before it loosens up and makes a bit more power. Unigroup seems to be reading lower than previously, with another’s car making 13rwkw less than the dyno day with an identical setup. The shape of the power curve is very different to previously too, which I can’t understand. The shape of the Ricol graph is more reflective of how the car feels on the road, and appears very similar to all of the previous runs at Unigroup. Compare them on the results page or the rebuild page.

It’s hard to let go of the numbers but what really matters in that the car feels faster to me than it ever has before. Response is excellent, power delivery smooth and it doesn’t seem to drop off up top. Apart from the clutch I’m really happy with how the car is performing.

Yesterday I pulled off the braided lines from the Apexi turbo, ready to be trial fitted to the HKS gt2510 when it arrives.


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