On Friday night the 180 went on to the dyno to see the health of the engine and the effect the HKS cams have on power output. Remember that aside from the actual engine being different, everything hanging off it is the same as the old car. Performance wise this includes the exhaust, FMIC and piping, ebc, manifold, turbo, injectors, afm, TPS, wiring loom and ecu. Therefore comparison wise it should be fairly accurate, with very similar power outputs for the same mods.

The car, however, felt quite weak in comparison in the days leading up, having little midrange and only pulling ok right up top. The dyno reflected this with the first run giving 162 rwkw, and about a 15kw deficit in the midrange to the last run (164.9rwkw afer manifold). Yavuz from Unigroup suggested we fiddle with the base timing and other parameters to see if all is well, to which I agreed. Well I’m lucky I did because he used his experience to work some magic, advancing the ignition timing to a detonation free 179.5 rwkw run, with greater midrange than before. Next run was 179.0 rwkw and then 181.4 rwkw to finish  after a slight cooling off period.

Obviously I was extremely happy, the midrange was slighter better than before with a solid 15kw gain up top. The car still has an occasional misfire, to which Yavuz suggested new plugs gapped down slightly to fix. I will be taking his advice soon.

To see the graph and a video of one of the runs check out the results page. A huge thanks to Yavuz and Chris from Unigroup for their time and knowledge. I highly recommend them to anyone.


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