Everything is really happening now. Tonight is the IDA drift exhibition which I am driving in. The car is ready now, after having my old aftermarket diff from the black car installed yesterday. I will pick up some cheap 15 inch second hand rubber to destroy tonight and then I will be 100% ready to go. Look out for an update on this soon with pics and vids of the car in action.

Yesterday I picked up the new turbo for the 180sx. The s15 turbo I was looking at fell through and an Apexi AX53B60 P25 came up for sale. Whilst almost double the price it is a nice piece of gear, capable of 340PS and featuring ball bearings and water cooling. It should be good for 240rwkw if I have the guts to wind it out that far. The turbo is in excellent condition and came with braided oil and water lines too. Check it out on the Apexi AX Turbine page.

My HKS 600cc injectors should also arrive this week, which means everything is on schedule for daughterboard tuning in mid Feb.


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