I have finally completed the brake upgrade page, with the fitment of the Z32 calipers on redrilled S14 discs. Some good comparison info has been made between S14, Z32 and R33 front brake setups. Follow the link for details.

I have bitten the bullet and decided to complete the engine package in the next few weeks in time for tuning in early Feb when the who’s who of ecu tuning comes from Perth to NSW.

Now that I have the HKS cams I wanted the next steps are larger injectors, the fitment of my RB20 afm, a larger turbo and tuning. I have decided on an S15 turbo for now, as it should provide instant response with huge top end, to the tune of at least 200rwkw if all is good. There are a few S13 red tops SR20DETs around making over 200rwkw without the cams or larger afm, so it should be quite achievable. Perhaps a figure as high as 215 rwkw is attainable if all goes well. The highest S15 turbo figure I’ve heard of is 226 rwkw, on a newer S15 motor.

This should be the perfect tractable setup for some hard core drift, which is available to myself and others courtesy of Initial Drift Australia, a new club starting up that provides its members with regular track drift time. I can’t wait.


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