I’m glad to report I had an awesome day on the skidpan and figure 8 track at Eastern Creek. The car performed faultlessly (except for an intercooler hose blowing off and giving me a scare) and really was beautiful to drive sideways. I started the day about average but by the end I could link almost all of the figure 8 course sideways. I highly recommend such a day to anyone with a rear wheel drive car. The track is very slippery, so not much power or even an LSD is required. Days like this are run regularly at Eastern Creek by MotoConcepts and Aaron McGill.

I’m hoping someone got some video footage of the car as my pics are useless. Already I have put my name down to drive in a full day of drift at Oran Park

This week I hope to install the fresh gearbox as well as have the car dynoed to test the effect of the new manifold. Expect updates for these very soon.


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