Today the manifold was installed with the help of friends Craig and Daniel. It took a fair few hours but in the end everything went on. I am pleased to announce it seems to have made a significant and positive difference. Read all about it on the Manifold page.

The car therefore is all set for the skidpan day at Eastern Creek on Saturday, when combined with the fresh tyres I picked up for it a few days ago. Hopefully I can get my gearbox in early next week, to make the car a true pleasure to drive. I will most likely devote a new page to detailing the procedure for changing a gearbox/clutch, with the usual step by step picture instructions.

I must thank all you viewers for making this site a great success. Any day now it will pass 30,000 page hits, it seems people are recognising the value of the content I have worked hard to provide. As the the car grows, so will the site, and hopefully so will the viewers.


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