This should be a great week for the 180. Firstly, my manifold has arrived, and therefore is ready to be put on midweek on a day off. This is excellent timing with the old turbo to manifold gasket recently expiring, now to the point of not being able to reach full boost in most gears. A new pic is on the Manifold page. Expect a detailed picture guide on the install towards the end of the week, and dyno testing very soon.

Secondly, I have secured purchase of another second hand gearbox to replace the extremely crunchy one in the 180. I will freshen the oil in it before it’s installed which I can hopefully do myself. I possibly won’t have the correct equipment and tools however. Either way i will finally get to see my mystery clutch for the first time.

Lastly, this Saturday I will be driving on the new Eastern Creek Raceway skidpan for a drift practise day. I finally have a chance to go nuts in my car in a safe environment. It will only get better too with Oran Park announcing they will be harbouring drift on their go kart track and north circuit in the future.


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