The 180 is now registered for another year which relieves me greatly. I have now moved onto stage 2 of the engine mods. Stage 1 was aiming to reach the limits of the factory T25G turbo and was as follows:

– full 3 inch exhaust sytem

– large FMIC

– raise boost to ~1 bar / 14 psi

– reprogram ecu

The aim for this stage was 160rwkw, and I have almost achieved that with 157.4rwkw minus the ecu remap. The reality is that there is very little top end gain to be had from this, as the air fuel ratio is already near where you would aim for and the car is apparently running detonation free. Therefore i’m starting stage 2 now and will have the ecu tuned to suit these mods instead. Stage 2 involves a larger aftermarket turbo and is as follows:

– 550cc straight fit injectors

– fitment of RB20 air flow meter or VG30 afm if needed

– aftermarket equal length stainless steel turbo manifold

– HKS step 1 camshafts

– HKS GT 2530 bolt on turbo (second hand)

– reprogram ecu suit all of this

The aim for this stage is around 220 rwkw. In the end though it makes what it makes and it’s assured it will be bloody fast with this package, so I won’t be too picky witha dyno number I hope. Internals will remain standard sans cams unless they break, which I hope they don’t as the engine seems to be running quite well in its current state.Tuning will be the key as well as regular maintenance, which I already undertake.

To make the car a better all round package there are still a few other things I would like to do:

– upgrade front brakes (just need brake pads now to bolt on S14 setup)

– half roll cage

– oil cooler and remote filter kit

Luckily for me many things came on the car which would certainly be required at this power level, things like an aftermarket fuel pump, a tough clutch and a thicker radiator.

The first of these items on the way is the exhaust manifold, which I have just found a good value item on Pics can be found on the new Exhaust Manifold page.

I have begun some editing of the site, by splitting this page into two to help loading times. Look for a lot of proofreading corrections and other small changes soon.


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