The 180 has hit the dyno again to the tune of 164.9rwkw, a solid 7.5kw gain from one modification. Thanks to Yavuz from Unigroup Engineering once again for his patience in looking after exactly what I wanted. The poor factory T25G is being pushed and pushed further, and so is the fuel system. The extra airflow created from the manifold has made the air fuel ratios a tad leaner, suggesting the injectors are reaching max duty cycle. Read all about it on the completed Exhaust Manifold page, and the graphs on the Results page.

I was previously going to get the HKS cams next, but I feel the addition capacity for swallowing air will not be met by the fuel system, resulting in a lean out. Therefore next stage will be the tuning of the car with the 550cc injectors and RB20 air flow meter in place. This should maybe give the car a crack at 170 rwkw, through the lessened intake restriction mainly. After that I will have brief tune done with the cams, to see the absolute max I can squeeze out the t25g before he hks turbo is used. Should be fun indeed.

I’m dying to hit the drag strip again, and will do so very soon after the new Western Sydney International Dragway is opened. The better surface combined with more power, better traction from better tyres and a lot more experience from myself in launching should see times tumble. I now seem to get consistent flat 6s for the 0-100kmh test, with only half decent launches, almost a second quicker than my best launches when I last raced. Therefore I won’t be happy if I don’t break straight into the 13s. Hopefully a low 13 second ET is available with some more practise. Time will tell.


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