I’m immensely enjoying the car at the moment, constantly taking it out for drives just for the hell of it. It is hard to enjoy it on public roads responsibly, therefore I am keen to get to the track in the near future. Which brings to back to the brake upgrade. Today I have removed one of the front discs from the car ready as a template to redrill the S14 discs at uni tomorrow. I will also see if I can give them a light skim to clean up the surface, but am unsure if the available lathe is suitable. Some comparison pictures of the old to new brakes is available on the S14 Front Brake Upgrade page.

Therefore, all I will need after that is brake pads for the new calipers and some fresh brake fluid, and the conversion is ready to take place. Can’t beat Nissan for inter-family parts fitment.

The car is due for re-registration within the month, which I plan to use to register the car as a two seater. This requires the removal of all the rear seat belts and seats (which I’ve already done). The advantage of this is that I should be able to legally fit a half-roll cage in the rear as long as it is padded.


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