What can I say? A very happy update indeed! The dyno day was yesterday and 180 pumped out a very strong 157.4kw at the rear wheels. Not only is this figure about as good as you get your an S13 SR20DET with my mods but also the way in which the car is running was very pleasing. For the first time I was able to pull a full run all the way until 7000 rpm without having to back off for detonation or a lean air fuel ratio. The car is running very near to the mixtures that would be aimed for if the ecu was being remapped, so doing this would only net a handful of additional kilowatts. Therefore in its safe state I’ll probably leave the daughterboard tune until I have both a bigger set of injectors and my RB20 air flow meter ready to go, to maximise value for money.

Dyno graphs and pics can be found on the Results page, and hopefully in the next few days I will have some videos to upload as well.

Also, yesterday I picked up a bargain set of S14 front brakes for $200. Including the calipers, rotors and some spare brake lines all now that is required as a redrill and clean up of the discs, and some pads. I will be documenting the exact process and have created a new page to do so: S14 Front Brake Upgrade.

The site by the time this is uploaded will have passed 25,000 page hits which I think is a tremendous achievement. This site contains nothing such as a message board to keep regular viewers returning and racking up mega hits. It is safe to assume that there might be at least 10-15,000 individual visitors.


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