What a great day! Uni is now finished for the year allowing me a lot more time to work and earn money, and work on the car. Expect a lot of small updates as I fiddle with different areas of the car. Very soon I will have a good picture guide on how to relocate the headlight fuse box, making way for a decent cold air induction setup.

I will also take the time to go through and refine the site, including checking grammar and spelling (previously too lazy to check). I might consider some site altering to make it run faster too, such as making thumbnails for all the pictures.

Today as planned I redrilled and machined the S14 rotors in the uni workshop. I am pleased to reveal that I must have done the job well, as everything fits nicely on the car. All that remains for the conversion is for me to purchase some new brake pads for the front and maybe rear, and some fresh fluid. I will be onto this as soon as I have the car registered. See the progress on the S14 Front Brake Upgrade page.


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