I’m glad to say I have located an excellent set of wheels which should arrive from interstate next week. They are Keiichi Tsuchiya designed Modex rims, 16×7 inch at the front, and 16×8 inch at the rear. Specially designed by the drift king for the S13 they are in 4×114.3 PCD, with offsets that sit them right out in line with the guards without spacers. Apparently they weigh only about 5kg each too without rubber. Will update with pics as soon as they are on the car.

They should give plenty of room for brake upgrades, which is planned in the near future. I will be retaining the 4 stud setup, with either redrilled S14 discs with calipers (4 spot vs stock 1 spot), or possibly new DBA blanks drilled to 4 stud and matched to something like a Z32 300zx front caliper (4 spot also). I will cover the conversion in pictures on the site.

I have also added a new page to update interior developments. The Bride seat pictures have been moved to this more relevant page, check it out – Interior Evolution.


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