Good things are happening at the moment for the 180. The wheels should be on the car by mid next week, and I have finally secured purchase of a rear strut brace, which should arrive around the same time. I’ve decided that the best brake setup for my buck will be used R33 4 piston calipers, on new DBA R33 size rotors, drilled to the 4 stud S13 pattern. Some decent fluid and hopefully pads should enhance the braking performance a great deal, and have the car ready for some safe track time.

The car should be getting lighter and lighter too, as the new wheels should save around 30kg I imagine, in overall mass: rotating mass and unsprung weight. In short this means acceleration and handling should both improve slightly. Today I plan to strip the carpet and maybe other stuff I find in the front half of the cabin. Look out out for an update soon with pics.

There is a chance too that I might be able to acquire a slightly damaged late model Type X 180sx front bar, which should go nicely. Fingers crossed.


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