Not much has changed, the 180 continues to rack up reliable kilometres, testament to how strong theses cars really are. A few mods are planned in the near future, as well as some updates to the site. Firstly I plan to fix an exhaust leak from a crack in the dump pipe, and during that time I will add a bigger 3 inch high flow cat. This is the only part of the exhaust system that is still small so hopefully I’ll get a bit more response and power from the upsize.

Also on the shopping list is a fresh set of wheels. I am after something in 16 or 17 inch diameter that is at least 7 inches wide, preferably 8 or 9. Therefore they will sit very wide out in line with the guard lip, and hopefully have enough room to clear larger brake calipers.

Soon I will be updating the ecu tuning sections with a specific guide to ROM editor, as I have come across some excellent websites of late.


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