Things are about to start happening very fast for the 180, as it is confirmed it will appear in the Silvia NSW Club Display at the 2003 Sydney Autosalon. The cars that appear at the Autosalon are really not my type of thing, so we will be attempting to entertain onlookers with something refreshing and different. All I can say is that the emphasis won’t be on airbrushing and huge chrome wheels.

Therefore, it is time to start painting the car in the matt black I had always planned. I will miss the green, but I am proud to say I am not being weak and switching to a ‘nice’ colour. There is no way to describe a matt black paintjob except as drift. In the same spirit I refuse to remove all the imperfections in the body, the only change I will be making is a new right front guard as the current one has always been cracked and will no doubt rust at some stage.

The exterior evolution will cover the progress of the paintjob, which I am doing myself in true drift fashion. I have limited time also so the job will be completed within two weeks. Sure to be a crazy time that’s for sure.

A you can see I have moved the welcoming disclaimer to the very first page so it is not so useless and also to improve the function of this page. I have also created a new page for the car’s current Specifications. This will simply list everything about the car concerning modifications.

I have commenced work on my cold air induction setup too now that the old factory intercooler is gone, look out for that page shortly too.


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