The 180 is back with front mount installed, and driving very nicely. For the details, see the Intercooler page. Basically I am happy because many of the bad side effects of fitting a front mount have not happened to me. Firsty the car is not any laggier to drive, which is a big bonus. Secondly I have only lost a smidgen of boost, after hearing it would drop back to factory levels and drive slower. It definitely doesn’t drive slower, in fact it maybe even feels a little more eager to rev. Another bonus is that there is no difference at all without the BOV regarding drivability. There is no lag between shifts, only a very nice flutter. The cooler is doing its job too, having driven the car hard enough the other night to have the exhaust housing of the turbo glowing red, the core remained cold. The Inlet end tank was quite warm but the outlet end tank quite cold still. I eagerly await a hot day to see if performance will suffer as much as it did previously. Therefore, the modification is a complete success thus far. I hope in the near future to build and install my boost controller to what power the standard turbo is good for at 12-14psi.

On another note I have changed the front bar back to the factory item. This is explained in the Exterior Evolution page.


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