Well what a mess up! I started getting into the paintjob quite enthusiastically, and as soon as I had gotten the spray gun settings worked out and the front bar and side skirts completely done, the spray gun started to have issues. First the paint feed became very inconsistent, with long periods of time in between paint spraying. When fiddling with the reservoir a small washer that holds everything together sheared off forcing me to adapt other means of supplying paint. These worked intermittently until a blockage encouraged me to hook up a second positive pressure feed to the paint line, which not only freed the line but sprayed huge chunks over the bonnet. Needless to say I was not impressed and whilst contemplating pulling the car out of the Autosalon, I heard the news that SilviaNSW would only be competing in the Final Battle later in the year. Laziness set in and then the car has stayed since that moment the way it appears on the Exterior Evolution page.

My focus turned to performance again and I have been saving and looking for a boost controller since. I originally planned to build a cheap manual controller as seen on Autospeed but a few frustrating hours on the pneumatics suppliers website left me empty handed. I turned my focus to Japanese electric controllers, starting with a Greddy Profec B, then considering a Blitz dual SBC spec R, Apexi AVC-R type, and now finally a Blitz SBC iD-II. This will be the next addition to the car and I hope to have it asap. I plan to test it on the dyno for maximum safety, so hopefully my dyno dramas are over now.


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