Apologies for such a delay between updates, but on the brighter side this means that there is a lot to tell since last time. The biggest new is that of a new car! An opportunity arose to swap the non turbo Silvia plus cash for a SR20DET 180sx, in manual of course. Not just any 180sx, but a kermit green beaten up old drifter from Japan. Nicknamed the ‘Green Machine’, it has lived a hard life in Japan going sideways, but it sure to receive some more stick from myself hopefully going sideways again. I have big plans for the car which are already in motion. Check out the page on the New Car for all of the details.

Some may be worried that the content of the site may shift, but it will be very similar still. The daughterboard is already in the new car and will be tuned after the front mount intercooler, front/dump pipe and boost controller go on. I am aiming for ~160kw @ wheels @ 12-14psi, which will be almost double the power of the old Silvia. The RB20 afm and other things intended for the Silvia will go on as well.

With this update I will upload the Chip Burning Process page, sorry to all those waiting to see how to use Progstudio. The ROM editor tutorial will go up as soon as the 180sx is tuned on the dyno, as well as the Tuning Theory page.

The new daughterboard spoken of in the last update is still in progress but very slowly, as it is not an official work project for the designer. Either way it will be here eventually and so will information on it and how it works.

As for Badbiki he has just released an Emulator, which unfortunately I am unsure of the details of, so give him a bell at: badbiki@bigpond.net.au. This update will also end the period in which I have been organising the daughterboard orders on his behalf. I have changed the link for the ordering to his email, all else is the same.

Anyways an exciting time, so watch this space!


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