In the near future the website will be upgrading to a proper domain and server. This will be This is due to the success of the site constantly maxing Yahoo GeoCities’ data transfer limits. Several big things are on the horizon, the least important a site redesign, now that I have a little more time on my hands. Much more effort will be put into the look of the site in total this time. A linking page will be placed here when the new site is launched.

More ECU and daughterboard pages will appear, as now more people have installed and tuned the boards on the dyno. In this regard the most exciting development is that of a new daughterboard from a new source. This daughterboard will use onboard RAM as opposed to EPROM chips. This means that the map data is stored electronically, with a small battery involved to prevent data loss should the car’s power be disconnected.

The best thing about the new board is that it interfaces directly with a laptop for excellent ease of tuning. Hopefully the new daughterboard will be able to be configured for S14s and S15s as well, as I have had many inquiries about daughterboards for these cars. Overall it should be a great product that will be available from this site on completion. As for the price it should be very similar to the Badbiki daughterboard.


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