On the day that the wonderful club Silvia NSW turns one year old, they are kind enough to host this site as a sub-domain to get around all of the bandwidth problems with Geocities. Many thanks to the generous Mayhem for setting me up. Hopefully now I will be inspired to update constantly, and make the site something worth checking back on.

In 180sx land a breakdown was had the other night. What could have been major turned out to maybe be a blessing in disguise, still costing ~$500 but hopefully setting up the car for a long period of boosting to come. In short, the keyway that spins the harmonic balancer had completely worn away from not being tightened properly in the past. This stopped the balancer from turning in time with the crank and therefore the alternator, power steering pump, air con compressor and water pump from turning. I stopped the car when I noticed it was overheating, and found that oil was leaking from the engine, Inspection showed that the balancer mating surface had been machined away and had created a cavity for oil to leak from near the end of the crank. As the engine was turned off immediately no damage was done so repairs should see the engine fighting fit. Hopefully I will have the car back at the end of the week. Thanks to too_much_boost for providing the parts needed for the repairs.


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