Unfortunately I have had a coil pack failure so it’s unlikely that I can run on the dyno today. I’ll still wait for them to call me for me to pop in as originally planned to see how good their customer service is. There is an odd chance they’ll have a Yars in the carpark to borrow a coil pack from.

At the drags last week I noticed an electrical burning smell after one of the runs. The car was fine for the trip home, but the other night I went to top up the petrol ready for the dyno and it dropped to three cylinders. Yesterday I was able to identify the culprit as a coil pack when I could move the problem between cylinders by moving the coil pack. This shows that the wiring is sound and the spark plugs too.

The good thing about Yaris coils is that they are a lot cheaper and easy to get than those for the SR20DET. The going rate on eBay for brand new factory items is about $50. I have two on the way which should arrive by the end of the week.

The only thing I can think of that would have made the new coil pack fail is too long a dwell time. I will tweak in Nistune and update the ignition upgrade page. The time slips from the most recent drag racing have been scanned and added to the results page.