Been away for a few days attending a funeral and then on holidays. I’ve arrived home to find some new neo-chrome wheel nuts waiting for me from GKTech. The quality seems excellent and for my car the required thread pitch was 1.25 mm. My car already had long wheels studs but the existing nuts were tiny and didn’t grab as much as possible.

During the ‘install’, I took off the wheels, cleaned the threads of the studs and then used some grease to reinstall. There is no longer any stud thread exposed so the grease is contained and shouldn’t attract dirt. For $28 I think they look pretty good, plus the added strength is a bonus.

The car is meant to be going on the dyno again on Monday. This time it’s at a local dyno, 5 minutes away. It’s a hub dyno which is new to me. We’ll see where the power is sitting after the fixed misfire and increased boost. It will be hard to compare on a new dyno but it should be interesting nonetheless.