No posts but it’s still been a big week working on the car, just not in the garage. I have been developing the centre console multi gauge LCD screen and it is nearing completion. It currently reads multiple sensors, transmits a wireless string with their data to another microcontroller which interprets the string and runs a 4D Systems LCD. All that remains is the final wiring before it’s mounted in the car.

I’m writing this from MRC Dyno in Castle Hill. Tuning is underway and going well. The intercooler piping I had to cut that didn’t have a bead predictably blew off as we started winding in boost. Mark let me pull it off the car and use his bead roller to rectify the problem. Tuning will resume again soon.

So far the car has made 199 rwkw at low boost after only fine tuning K constants and the TIM to get the light load mixtures correct. Despite the wastegate being set to 14.7psi, it can’t clear enough exhaust gas and the car is actually making around 17 psi up top. This won’t be a problem when the boost is wound up as the wastegate won’t need as much flow.

A full report with results later on today.