Recently I purchased some ATV jacks from Supercheap Auto. They are designed to lift quad bikes up to 680 kg each, using a hydraulic jack with foot pedal control and safety locking pins. I figured They would fit quite nicely under the wheels of the car. I purchased two and sure enough, they function very well. Ramps are needed to drive the car up onto the. I have worked the best starting position and painted some alignment guides on the garage floor for future work. The best part is they lift the car over 300 mm, compared to around 200 mm for drive on ramps. In future I will purchase two more so the back can be lifted at once, almost like a mini hoist.

This morning I managed to fit the Varex muffler after picking it up late yesterday afternoon. It needed some minor attention, in the way of grinding some of the internal welds on the flange that was joined to the existing exhaust, and shortening some bolts so they would clear the bends of the exhaust. One of the hangers is too long, but overall it still sits clear of everything. Most importantly, the mechanism that controls the the internal butterfly clear the underside of the car by around 10 mm in the closest place.

The following video shows the system working off the car:

On the car, the results are amazing. With the valve closed, the exhaust is as quiet as stock. You can still hear the turbo whistling and fluttering when the throttle is closed, but no real noise from the back. With it open, it sounds like any other straight through cannon.

I opted for the 3.5 inch internal diameter model to offset the small restriction of the butterfly valve sitting in the exhaust stream. The old muffler was only 2 inches internal diameter, so the new one represents an increase of area in cross section of more than double. Yet to drive it in anger but fingers crossed it frees up the power of the engine. Realistically, it won’t make a huge difference but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.