I have dropped off the rear section of the exhaust to Penrith Muffler Man, who are the closest dealer for Varex mufflers. The dodgy section of pipe will be replaced with a flange leading into a 3.5 inch Varex. This size should ensure zero restriction on the track and quiet for when I don’t want to annoy the neighbours.

The job is a bit tricky without the car there because the mechanism for the muffler needs to be factored in. I’m hoping a detailed conversation and a series of pics will do the job.

In the meantime, I’ve taken the dump pipe off the car to inspect it and the back of the turbo. The internal wastegate is welded shut and one of the turbo to dump bolts is snapped off inside the turbine housing.

The dump had two small holes on the wastegate pipe which I welded up.

I had forgotten just how annoying it is to remove the dump pipe. On this car it is even harder because the external wastegate pipe is in the way. Ideally, this pipe would be in two pieces.

Tomorrow the new muffler will be ready and we’ll see if the engine power improves.