Last night was so much fun! I was expecting a 13.7 and hoping for a 13.5. At the start of the night those targets seemed out of range.

My first run was a 14.250 @ 104 mph. I had a huge amount of wheel spin and axle tramp off the line, and then a lot of wheel spin into second gear. I also did my burnout too early to the ire of the officials. Put the whole thing down to newbie nerves.

Run number two suffered from bog down off the line. The shift into second was better and the pass was an improvement at 14.122 @ 106.68 mph.

The third pass still had some bog down but not as bad. 60 ft time came down a tad and the time improved greatly to 13.684 @ 106.97 mph. I was fairly happy with that so anything after was a bonus.

For my final pass I turned up the boost a tad. The launch had wheel spin and axle tramp but still produced my quickest 60 ft time of the night. Second gear onward was great and the ET was 13.412 @ 107.23 mph. Under my goal and big smiles delivered.

The trap speed didn’t rise much so the extra boost isn’t necessarily delivering any extra power. We will find out that for sure at Unigroup on Friday.

I used the G-Tech Pro with mixed success. At first I couldn’t get it to recognise the stationary car to enter staged mode. The first two runs didn’t work. For the third and fourth I worked out that tapping it with my hand would trigger what was required and the unit started timing when it was meant to. The third run read about 2 tenths too quick, so I shortened the roll out parameter. The fourth pass was only a tenth out. Shortening it further should make it quite accurate. A good purchase for $80 second hand. Unfortunately I forgot the save the last pass but I can still go through the data for the third.

I still think the car has more in it without further alterations. A better launch should get it to the low 13s. Keep in mind it was on the track in the exact condition I drove it down. Many cars were towed or had slicks. I like the fact that mine was run as a true street car.

I’ve asked Unigroup about booking in a tune on Friday instead of just the dyno run. The car is laggier than it should be, running quite rich. A leaner mixture and advanced timing should see the power and driveability improve. We’ll see how long it is until they can tune the car.

I filmed the drag racing in 360 degrees with my new VR camera. Upload to follow.