First of all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, even if it is quite late. It’s been a long time between updates as of late, and this comes down to three things. Firstly I have just completed my last semester of University, the one with the huge major project and all the rest. Secondly, I’ve recently been married, and have flat out after uni finished organising followed by my honeymoon. Thirdly, the combination of the previous two left me no time and money to play with the car. Things now look better in terms of this site.

I’ve finally finished a new page, which is a Basic Guide to Suspension. Something like this I had been meaning to do for some time, but it has ended up a lot less technical than I had originally planned. It makes for easy reading and has introductions to most of the suspension parts you’ll come across on these cars. The reason the page was finally underway was because I finally fitted my rear upper arms, and solid steering spacer. A Cusco half cage has been added as well, which I wasn’t expecting this early. A big thanks to Harry for his bargain supply of the cage, and his great help fitting it and the suspension arms.

The Specifications page has been updated with new parts and some better images for older parts.

Next on the agenda will be my Trust copy sump, still waiting to go on. I will creating a new page on this to show the problems with a factory sump, and the features of an aftermarket sump with animations and all. Watch this space.

As a side note could I please ask that you click my banner once or twice. More clicks equals more mods and more site growth.