I have a little more time now to update news, so here goes. As happy as I was with 218 rwkw, I am eager to extract a little more. Studying the dyno graph on the results page shows two things. Firstly the boost was surging like crazy throughout the run, which normally happens on the dyno and a little in the higher gears on the street. Secondly a power run on 19psi was performed, but was aborted because of slight pinging caused by the boost irregularities. As can be seen, this run was making an extra 5kw+ through the midrange and a less than this up top. It’s safe to say even aborted that the 19psi run cracked 220rwkw after lining up the graph lines.

So if the turbo can handle more boost with efficiency then the engine will make more power it seems. I’m well aware of turbos running out of puff like the t25g so I won’t be pushing it forever, but the attraction to sample some runs up to maybe 20psi is strong. To fix the boost surging I’m hoping to use the adjustable HKS actuator fitted to the turbo. I plan to set this wastegate base line at around 14psi (currently ~9.5psi) so that the ebc has less work to do. Once this is sorted then more tweaking could take place. Expect a new page for this.

I’ve updated the Exterior Evolution pages with some nice pics of the car all washed and pretty.

My sump has also arrived, but the quality may be too poor to use on the car. I’ll need to do some investigation into cleaning and preparing it before I even think about putting it in the engine. Expect a new page on this too.

Finally I am about to order a few little suspension parts to correct the rear camber and hopefully tame the beast a little. Time will tell, and full details will be posted. Look for lots of updates in the weeks to come.