Last night was the latest Silvia NSW dyno night, with the 180 putting in a pearler of a performance. Since tuning at 196 rwkw on the rebuilt engine, nothing has been done except some flogging and then a service (oil and plugs). I was a little disappointed with the power the car was making on paper, which was told to me to be the fresh engine being very tight. Over the last couple of months it seems to have loosened up, with an oil change the other day producing fairly dark thick oil from the final stages of the running in process. So better fresh oil went in and 218.7 rwkw was the result. I am very happy that the car has made the numbers I’ve been mentioning for a while now, and I feel there is more in it with some fine tuning.

This was good enough for 2nd most powerful SR20 on the night and 3rd most powerful outright. Got to be happy with that. By some rough calculations the engine should be making around double the factory kw level, which means around 300kw @ flywheel. Compare that to the top HSVs which have the same power but are several hundred kg heavier and you should be able to tell how the car drives.

The winged sump I spoke of previously is in the mail, but has been for some time so hopefully it will come soon. Next are a few more suspension tweaks, to aid traction which is limited in such a light, powerful car, that has such quick spooling. I’d like to find a safe, legal place to take some videos of the engine’s response soon, just to show off how good it is. Stay tuned.