What a turn of events. It turns out that the Apexi turbo was stuffed all along. It failed to make boost single time on the 180, and needless to say I am very annoyed and seeking a refund. Other than that the car is just waiting on the bov to arrive so it can be installed. Then the car will be finished. I plan to pick it up on Thursday this week if the bov ever arrives.

I have my eye on a hks gt2510 that is for sale on one of the forums, which I will probably pick up asap when my money is refunded. This turbo is rated 40ps less at the wheels than the Apexi turbo, but the response is said to be very close to a stock turbo. Some even claim better but I’ll believe that after I drive it. Most people with less developed packages seem to make 190-200rwkw in Australia. With my cams, manifold and fresh engine, I don’t see why 210-220rwkw is not out of the question. It should make for a very streetable fast package that is excellent for drift also.

The site has just passed 50,000 hits too, which is a tremendous achievement. I see this site as one of the benchmarks in SR20DET info, and I’m glad to see it recognised by so many. A vital part is missing however, and that is the conclusion to the daughterboard info. This was the original reason I started the site, and I look forward to rounding off the resource with a lot more content when my car is tuned at Unigroup.

I also must thank Silvia NSW for hosting the site free of charge. Although I have made club donations, this site was hosted without any mention of payment from the beginning. I have added a banner made up for me at the base of each page to recognise this outstanding generosity.


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