Good news! Just spoke to Ricol on the phone and the car should be ready to pickup as early as tomorrow. They will also be running the car is on the dyno for me so I don’t have to worry about doing it perfectly on the street. Because the car will be run in then it’s only a matter of money before I can tune it and unleash the full potential of the motor. I am happy after this episode to detune it a little in an effort to save the pistons from detonation and keep everything together. I will be happy with as ‘little’ as 220 rwkw but would be hoping for around 230 rwkw. Still a nice little drop on the 240+ rwkw I was previously expecting.

As a side note the CES dump pipe has been sold but the two t25gs remain. I am confident they will be sold soon though from the interest they are receiving on Performance Forums.

So the only drama that remains is the price. I have a fair idea of what to expect which if accurate I will be able to afford (just) to pay for the bill and the registration of the car ready to drive as normal. Pickup day for me would be Thursday, expect another update soon.


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