This morning I rang Ricol who informed me that the engine was back together and would be going back into the car today. They also said it would be ready this week for pickup. They would not tell me however the price of everything will be. This concerns me a little as I’m not made of cash (despite the amount of money I’ve poured into the car over the last few years). The worst thing is that the car is out of rego so I will have to cough up an extra ~$800 to have it registered before I drive it home.

I have two t25g turbos for sale that would help my situation to pass on. The t25g is the factory turbo for the S13 SR20DET, good for 180rwkw (as I’ve proven if the right mods are applied). This will be a downgrade for S14 and S15s so suitable only for S13s. A small upgrade for CA18DETs which have T25s.

The first is from my 180, which has now been replaced by the Apexi unit. Its gone the distance for a while at 14psi, but last I checked (manifold fitting) it was still in great condition. $200 ono for this.

The second is owed to me by a friend and is believed to have travelled ~100,000 kms, but never boosted above 7psi. It is in excellent condition with no shaft play at all and according $300ono is the asking price.

If anyone wanted to buy both I would do it for $400 firm.

Enquiries to

As soon as possible after the new motor is run in it will be tuned at Unigroup with the big injectors and Z32 afm in place. I will finally then compile the Rom Editor tutorial page using any knowledge that Unigroup allow me to.

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