Today I visited Ricol to see the car and also deliver my Apexi turbo. It is a humbling experience to see your pride and joy in such a sad and sorry state, but it must not be forgotten that soon everything will be back stronger than ever. Ricol are only waiting on an oil pump direct from Japan now, which should arrive next week, meaning reassembly of the fresh engine can take place. After that I have requested Ricol to make me an aluminium induction pipe for the larger air flow meter and also to mount a bov in plumb back configuration which I am still to supply. So possibly two weeks at the shortest but most probably at least three.

I have started yet another new page to cover the engine rebuild, so that others facing the same thing can know what to expect with labor and parts costs. Pics of the broken parts are also there. You can see the Engine Rebuild page here.

I have also updated the Specifications page with the specs of the car as they will be in the near future, after the rebuild is complete and all my parts are on.

Lastly I have put some more effort into the Contact page, to draw attention to some of the great clubs I’m in including SilviaNSW, the club which hosts this site.


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